Keep calm and trust us, we have 5 engineers on the team.

We are a team of T-shaped engineers dedicated to make technology work for the people. Powered by caffeine and things that makes you go AWW, we think of ourselves as superheroes fighting to save slaves of technology one at a time. Occasionally during lunar eclipse, we can’t help but to go out of control.

We are from the Singapore Institute of Technology, check out the picture of us above!

In the picture from left to right, we have:

  • Anton – Self proclaimed Olympian of the team. Joined the competition in hopes of being the gold medalist of the OzCHI challenge.
  • Nicky – Caffeine guru, always picky about the coffee. Joined the competition to conduct his own personal experiment about caffeine.
  • Chern Hwee – Willing to code for food. Joined the competition in order to feed himself.
  • Jun Quan – Single and ready to mingle. Joined the competition hoping to find his fair lady.
  • Zheng Jie – Tallest asian we can find in the proximity, standing high at 1.87m. Joined the competition to play as the mascot of the team.