Mini Challenge 2: The Problem Space

A possible unmet need is the need for the daily task performed by an older person to be verified. An elderly who has been diagnosed with dementia is typically unable to perform scheduled repeated tasks such as the consumption of medications without assistance from a physical caregiver. The consequences of the patient missing a drug dose or overdosing can be dire and may lead to death [1][2]. Existing designs to tackle this problem includes a typical reminder mobile app such as “Pill Organiser & Reminder” to remind the elderly to consume their medication, they can only verify that the notification is acknowledged by the elderly and unable to verify if the task is actually performed. A possible way to address this through interaction design is to change the form of interaction from the acknowledgement from the elderly user to change in weight or count of the medication container.


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[2] Aricept Overdose [Internet]. eMedTV: Health Information Brought To Life. [cited 2016Aug20]. Available from:





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